Go Green

UIndy has joined the cause to help save the environment! Take a look at what your alma mater is doing to help in the commitment to be more environmentally responsible. Submit your email address to help us save the environment. (Read below to find out how your email address helps UIndy go green!)

  • UIndy now has a Green Team that helps the campus community in its efforts to go green.
  • 30 trees have been planted in the name of the Indianapolis Student Government (ISG) Green Team.
  • UIndy’s newest residence hall, East Hall is made from autoclaved aerated concrete block, a 'green' product made from recycled material that is energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and sound-dampening.
  • UIndy Admission application forms have gone from three sheets of paper to two.
  • Several UIndy professors have adopted a “paperless” classroom where electronic dropboxes are used for turning in assignments, courtesy of UIndy’s Blackboard intranet system.
  • UIndy students are encouraged to 'print to pdf' in order to save ink and paper.
  • UIndy students are encouraged to recycle their textbooks to Better World Books by dropping them off at the dropbox in Krannert Memorial Library.
  • Various departments on campus have placed 22-gallon recycling bins in their offices for paper products and plastics.
  • UIndy is a participant in the My Carbon Pledge. Faculty, staff, and students are pledging to convert regular bulbs to CFLs and pledging to unplug unused appliances.
  • Single-stream recycling containers (with the capacity for 8 cubic yards of materials per container, including cardboard) are located on campus. That’s a lot of recycling!
  • The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to reduce the amount of paper mailings and adopt more electronic informational pieces.
  • Office Max helps UIndy go Green! In an effort to reduce UIndy’s carbon footprint, Office Max has reduced its days of delivering to the UIndy by two every week.

How can you help?

An Alumni Association the size of UIndy’s typically uses 20 tons of wood for marketing communication. That’s roughly 141 trees! By having an online directory and not a print version, we save 3,000 trees! Help us to continue our commitment to being more environmentally responsible.

Reduce UIndy's carbon footprint by reducing your own. The UIndy Alumni Association is committed to reduce the amount of paper mailings and adopt more electronic information pieces. Provide us with your email address and help us reduce our carbon footprint. We can save the environment together. Remember, every little bit helps!

Submit your email address and…

• Reduce the amount of paper used to print alumni communication
• Reduce the amount of ink used to print alumni communication
• Reduce the amount of mail that leaves the Office of Alumni Relations

We are committed to protecting your privacy.

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